Get in Touch

Get in touch with the LXGINDIA team and provide us with details of the proposed site such as your personal information, mailing address, contact number, complete name, etc. This will help us prove the desire of the franchisee so that we can evaluate it for franchise ownership

Meet us

Meet us and we will review the qualifications for franchise ownership. We will also present to you the program of the franchisee which includes the entire structure of the franchisee from franchise agreements, cost breakdowns to the contract details and other fee structures.

Market study and Tech feasibility

Once the qualifications are set, we will conduct a market study on the branch that is to be established. We will conduct researches and studies on potential sites with demographic studies as well as other factors that may affect the performances of the branch such as competitors, customer preferences, ease of accessibility, etc.

Branding and Setup

At this step, we will provide assistance with the branding and setup of the establishment. The efficiency and the quality of the established is determined by the finishing touches of the branch so that it will give a ‘lasting effect’ and ensuring that everything will meet your expectations. We will assist you with the other groundwork such as the electricals, water, audio visuals and other decorative desires.

Operations and Executions

It is important for you, the customer, to understand how a branch operates and we will help you understand everything there is to know about the execution. From the rules and regulations to the daily operations of the branch, we will assist you. You can always contact us for assistance via E-mails, company meetings and through field operators

Knowledge transfer and Deployment

And you’re done! Once we have assisted you in your market study, secured endorsement and deployed your establishments, you are now a part of the LXGINIDA Franchise and are hereby, an official LXGINDIA franchise owner. The world is rapidly advancing with new opportunities arising from every corner. It is time for you to take it for yourself